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Technical Ceramic Manufacturing On Both Sides of the Atlantic

With the expansion of manufacturing operations in Precision Ceramics USA’s new facility in St Petersburg, Florida, there has been a keen exchange of production knowledge across the Atlantic.

A new multi-axis Mazak Milling Machine and Lathe have been added to the local manufacturing facilities allowing the exacting standards of technical ceramic machining to be carried out.

Dan Bourke, a senior machinist in Birmingham, is spending several weeks in Florida supporting the new manufacturing facility and passing on his expert knowledge, and a steady stream of bespoke technical ceramic components are now being manufactured. Initial teething problems have been quickly sorted and the machining of Macor glass ceramic, Shapal Hi-M Soft aluminium nitride and boron nitride grades AX05, HP and ZSBN components are now well under way.

Dan will return to Florida in January and February to expand the working knowledge and it is planned to install additional machinery in the new facility throughout next year to further enhance the services offered by Precision Ceramics in the USA.

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