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Precision Ceramics Introduce Their Toughest Composite

Following a period of intense in-house development, Precision Ceramics has introduced a new ultra-high fracture toughness zirconia composite to its already wide and comprehensive portfolio of materials.

Nicknamed ‘The Orange One’, CeramaZirc Ultra Tough is an advanced zirconia-based ceramic composite material based on partially stabilised zirconia and alumina platelets and is the latest and toughest composite to be introduced.

Precision Ceramics already offers a wide range of zirconia materials from conventional sintered zirconia to high performance CeramaZirc Nano HIP, consolidated by hot isostatic pressing. Also available are CeramAlloy ATZ and ZTA, a range of zirconia-alumina ceramic composite materials in different proportions between their main constituents to cover a wide range of mechanical properties and intended uses.

Key properties of CeramaZirc Ultra Tough include use temperatures up to 1,500°C and no compromise between bending strength, hardness and fracture toughness. Other key properties include …

  • Remarkably high fracture toughness and impact resistance while maintaining above average values for bending strength and hardness.
  • Toughening by crack deflection provided by unique microstructure of alumina platelets in a partially stabilised zirconia matrix.
  • Hot isostatically pressed (HIP’ed) for superior strength and reliability.
  • Increased resistance to hydrothermal ageing through Ceria partial stabilisation

Typical uses of CeramaZirc Ultra Tough

  • High pressure equipment- ball valve balls and seats – particularly suitable for applications where mechanical shock, impacts and/or vibrations are present.
  • Ultra high pressure pumping elements.
  • Flow control devices for ultra-high pressure equipment – stems and seats for high pressure homogenisers.
  • Deep well down-hole valves and seats.
  • Rollers and guides for metal forming.

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