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Precision Ceramics Just-In-Time 2020

The world has changed as we know it. The old fundamentals of supply chain, cost, just-in-time and volume have had to be re-focused for many industries. There are quite a number of ceramic companies who run business models where the high overheads and cost structures lend themselves to high volume production runs to utilise equipment, minimum order values and a plan for near full capacity. When the full factory operates, everything balances, customers have low prices and the factory has the efficiency of scale; everyone is happy.

When demand falls or is delayed, markets are uncertain and then previously highly efficient manufacturing facilities with large furnaces and expensive equipment need to refocus. But then with typical lead times between 10 and 22 weeks, persuading companies to run up large stocks when there is uncertainty as to demand levels and requirements and cash flow from your customers is now an unknown, what do you do?

The best solution would be smaller batches, a quicker lead time and a local supplier. This is how Precision Ceramics has always worked, initially on machinable ceramics where 30 years experience and a fully equipped machine shop has given us an advantage. This however limited us to a narrow range of materials and this is why we have developed a full, albeit small scale pressing, green machining and sintering capability supporting a faster response, lower tool costs and smaller batch sizes. We developed several ranges of materials and in short became the one-stop shop we always wanted to be. We have also expanded the grinding facility to support the powder ceramic manufacture and we can therefore offer a wide ranging small-to-medium production facility without the need to achieve minimum orders.

There will always be a need for parts required in their millions where costs to the fraction of a penny are critical, but if your demand is supporting a business with an unpredictable smaller demand that cannot rely on trans-world shipments, then we offer the new, just-in- time 2020, small, flexible and local service. And with staff who have decades of experience and have been through all the twists and turns of industrial change and are still innovating to support your needs.

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