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Precision Ceramics is a company dedicated to the engineering of technical ceramics. We specialise in the design, manufacture and machining of bespoke and advanced technical ceramic components for an ever-widening array of worldwide applications.

Apart from a major investment in the very latest multi-station machining centres allowing 4th and 5th axis operations, a sophisticated range of high performance zirconia materials and boron carbide-based ceramic composites are now being manufactured in a newly-commissioned ‘in-house’ facility at our UK headquarters in Birmingham.

Our online shop also provides a quick and easy route to purchase standard bars, rods and sheets of Macor, Shapal and Boron Nitride as well as our new range of advanced ceramic tubes and insulators in various diameters and stock sizes.

Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic

Shapal Hi-M Soft Machinable Aluminium Nitride

Boron Nitride

CeramTec Advanced Ceramic Tubes & Insulators

CeramAlloy ATZ
Alumina-Zirconia Composite

CeramAlloy Ultra Hard

CeramAlloy ZTA
Zirconia-Alumina Composite

Alumina (Aluminium Oxide)

Aluminium Nitride

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Nitride

CeramaZirc Ultra Tough
Advanced High Fracture Toughness Zirconia Composite

CeramaZirc 3YZ
Sintered Zirconia

CeramaZirc 3YZ+
High Performance Sintered Zirconia

Boron Carbide-based Ceramic Composites

Boron Carbide-based Ceramic Composite

Ultra-hard Boron Carbide-based ceramic composites

Macor® Machinable Glass Ceramic

Macor is an outstanding engineering material and is machinable with ordinary metalworking tools. It is also a problem solving material combining the performance of a technical ceramic with the versatility of a high performance plastic. Macor has a high use temperature (800°C continuous to 1,000°C peak). It has a low thermal conductivity and is a useful high temperature insulator as well as an excellent electrical insulator. Macor has no porosity and when properly baked out, will not outgas. It is strong and rigid and, unlike high temperature plastics, will not creep or deform. Macor is also radiation resistant.

  • Easily machinable with standard metalworking tools
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Holds tight tolerances
  • Excellent electrical insulator
  • Zero porosity and no outgassing – perfect for high vacuum applications
  • Strong & rigid
  • Highly polishable
  • Radiation resistant

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Shapal Hi-M Soft™ Machinable Aluminium Nitride

Shapal Hi-M Soft is a new type of machinable ceramic and combines a high thermal conductivity with a high mechanical strength with bending strengths of 30 kg/m. Shapal Hi-M Soft, in particular, has an excellent sealing ability to vacuum. It also has good heat resistance and an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion.

  • Excellent Macinability
  • Shapal Hi-M Soft can be machined by a broad range of methods such as drilling, turning, milling to form complex shapes with high precision
  • Excellent sealing ability to vacuum
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Approximately five times as much thermal conductivity as that of alumina ceramic
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Bending strength of 30kg/mm²* is comparable to that of alumina ceramic
  • Excellent electric insulation

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Boron Nitride

Boron nitride is an advanced synthetic ceramic material available in powder, solid, liquid and aerosol spray forms. Its unique properties – from high heat capacity and outstanding thermal conductivity to easy machinability and superior dielectric strength – making boron nitride a truly outstanding material. In its hexagonal form, boron nitride can easily be machined to close tolerances in virtually any shape. After machining, it is ready for use without additional heat treating or firing operations.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Excellent lubricating properties – low coefficient of friction
  • Excellent machinability
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • Good chemical inertness
  • High dielectric breakdown strength
  • High electrical resistivity
  • High temperature material
  • High thermal conductivity Isotropic (thermal conductance is different in different planes)
  • Low density
  • Non-wetting (without oxidization)

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CeramTec – Advanced Ceramic Tubes & Insulators

Our sophisticated range of advanced ceramic tubes and insulators are ideally suitable for thermocouple protection in high temperature measurement applications.

The alumina-based tubes are used throughout many industries to aid monitoring the stability and performance of production processes especially those within hostile and aggressive chemical environments at temperatures up to 1,700°C. They are manufactured to DIN V ENV 12212 and are very strong, organically inert and well proven in a wide field of applications

  • Manufactured in accordance with DIN VE 0335
  • Suitable for operating temperatures up to 1,700°C
  • Very high temperature stability and chemical resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • High electrical resistivity

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CeramAlloy ATZ and CeramAlloy ZTA

High Performance Alumina-Zirconia and Zirconia-Alumina Ceramic Composites

Alumina-Zirconia (ATZ) and Zirconia-Alumina (ZTA) high performance ceramic composites are unique ceramic materials by way of exhibiting a combination of high hardness, strength, wear and corrosion resistance characteristic to their Alumina component while still maintaining reasonably high fracture toughness specific to its Zirconia component.

Precision Ceramics offers a range of Alumina-Zirconia ceramic composite materials in different proportions between its main constituents covering a wide range of mechanical properties and intended uses.

  • Working temperatures up to 1,500°C
  • Chemical inert and wear resistant
  • High bending strength
  • High fracture toughness and high hardness
  • High strength Alumina-Zirconia & Zirconia-Alumina ceramic composites
  • Sintered to near theoretical density or HIP-ed for enhanced reliability
  • Higher strength than Zirconia while maintaining fracture toughness
  • Ideal for application where higher mechanical strength is critical

Downloadable Data Sheet (CeramAlloy ATZ)

Downloadable Data Sheet (CeramAlloy ZTA)

CeramAlloy Ultra Hard

Ultra High Performance Alumina Toughened Composite

Alumina-Zirconia (ZTA) ceramic composites are unique ceramic materials by way of exhibiting a combination of high hardness, strength, wear and corrosion resistance characteristics to their alumina component while still maintaining reasonably high fracture toughness specific to its zirconia component.

Precision Ceramics offers a range of high performance Alumina/Zirconia ceramic composite materials consolidated by a combination of conventional sintering and hot isostatic pressing ensuring excellent mechanical properties and increased reliability. Their very high hardness makes them particularly suitable where challenging mechanical wear is present.

  • Use temperatures up to 1,500°C
  • Chemical inertness
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • High bending strength
  • High hardness
  • Good fracture toughness
  • High performance Alumina/Zirconia ceramic composite
  • Hot isostatically pressed for very high mechanical properties and enhanced reliability
  • Excellent balance between bending strength, hardness and fracture toughness

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Alumina (Aluminium Oxide) Al2O3

Alumina is the more common name of Aluminium Oxide. It is a hard-wearing technical ceramic offering an excellent combination of both mechanical and electrical properties and is ideally suited to a wide range of industrial applications.

Alumina features high hardness and wear resistance, low erosion levels, high temperature and corrosion resistance and bio-inertness. Its high temperature stability and thermal conductivity make it particularly suitable for high temperature applications such as thermocouple protection in high temperature measurement. A comprehensive range of advanced ceramic tubes and insulators is available from Precision Ceramics for this purpose.

  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • High compressive and dielectric strength
  • High hardness and mechanical strength
  • High thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance
  • Low density
  • Resistant to strong acid and alkali attack at high temperatures
  • Transparent to microwave radio frequencies
  • Very specific thermal conductive and thermal expansion rates
  • Wear and abrasion resistant

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Aluminium Nitride AlN

Aluminum Nitride (AlN) is an excellent material to use if high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties are required; making it an ideal material for use in thermal management and electrical applications. Additionally, Aluminum Nitride is common alternative to Beryllium Oxide (BeO) in the semiconductor industry as it is not a health hazard when machined. Aluminum Nitride has a coefficient of thermal expansion and electrical insulation properties that closely matches that of Silicon wafer material, making it an useful material for electronics applications where high temperatures and heat dissipation is often a problem.

AlN commonly comes in substrates up to 1 mm thick which can easily be laser cut. It can also come in thicker forms, however, it can be difficult/costly to manufacture in small quantities if the part requires bespoke material or significant machining. Shapal Hi-M Soft is often used as an alternative to pure aluminum nitride because it also offers high thermal conductivity and can be machined into complex geometries.

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Good electrical insulation and resistivity
  • Low dielectric constant
  • High mechanical strength under compression load
  • Corrosion resistant (gas)
  • Good thermal shock resistance

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Silicon Carbide SiC

Like oxides and nitrides, Silicon Carbide is a very hard wearing material, again requiring diamond-grinding methods to process once fired. Although not exclusively, carbides are used mainly for applications in which physical wear is a major consideration. They are amongst the hardest materials available.

Silicon Carbide has properties remarkably similar to those of diamond – it is one of the lightest, hardest, and strongest technical ceramic materials and has exceptional thermal conductivity, resistance to acids, and low thermal expansion. Silicon Carbide is an excellent material to use when physical wear is an important consideration because it exhibits good erosion and abrasive resistance, making it useful in a variety of applications such as spray nozzles, shot blast nozzles and cyclone components

  • Extremely high hardness
  • Wear resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight – low density
  • High thermal conductivity

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Silicon Nitride Si3N4

Silicon Nitride is a hard, relatively tough ceramic that can be obtained by direct reaction between silicon and nitrogen at high temperatures. It has relatively good thermal shock resistance compared to other ceramics.

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Outstanding thermal shock resistance
  • Extreme hardness
  • Semiconductor

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CeramaZirc Ultra Tough

Advanced High Fracture Toughness Zirconia Composite

CeramaZirc Ultra Tough is an advanced zirconia-based ceramic composite material based on partially stabilised zirconia and alumina platelets and is the latest and toughest composite to be introduced by Precision Ceramics.

  • Use temperatures up to 1500°C
  • Remarkably high fracture toughness and impact resistance while maintaining above average values for bending strength and hardness.
  • Toughening by crack deflection provided by a unique microstructure of alumina platelets in a partially stabilised zirconia matrix.
  • No compromise between bending strength, hardness and fracture toughness.
  • Increased resistance to hydrothermal ageing through Ceria partial stabilisation

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CeramaZirc 3YZ
CeramaZirc 3YZ+

High Performance Zirconia ZrO2

Dubbed ‘ceramic steel’ Zirconia (ZrO2) ceramic materials offers a combination of high hardness, wear and corrosion resistance while still maintaining one of the highest figures for fracture toughness amongst ceramic materials.

Under the tradename CeramaZirc, Precision Ceramics offers a new range of Zirconia materials spanning from conventional sintered Zirconia to high performance Nano Zirconia consolidated by Hot Isostatic Pressing and all now manufactured ‘in-house’ in a brand new facility at our UK headquarters in Birmingham.

  • Use temperatures up to 1000°C
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Chemical inertness
  • Resistance to molten metals
  • Wear resistance
  • High fracture toughness
  • High hardness

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NEW! CeramaZirc 3YZ Sintered Zirconia

NEW! CeramaZirc 3YZ Plus High Performance Sintered Zirconia

DuraWear B4C+SiC
Superduride B4C
Superduride Plus B4C

Boron Carbide-based ceramic composites
B4C+SiC & B4C

Boron Carbide (also known as black diamond) is the third hardest material after diamond and cubic boron nitride. It is a suitable material for many high performance applications due to its attractive combination of properties. Its outstanding hardness makes it a suitable abrasive powder for lapping, polishing and water jet cutting of metals and ceramics.

DuraShock, DuraWear and Superduride Standard and Superduride Plus are a brand new range of boron carbide- based ceramic composites manufactured ‘in-house’ and ideal for applications where high hardness and impact resistance is required and where abrasive wear is an issue

  • High hardness
  • Low density
  • High melting point
  • High elastic modulus
  • Chemical inertness
  • High neutron absorption cross-section
  • Excellent thermoelectric properties

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NEW! DuraShock Lightweight Ceramic – Ceramic Composites

NEW! DuraWear Lightweight Ceramic – Ceramic Composites

NEW! Superduride Standard & Superduride Plus Lightweight Ceramic-Ceramic Composites