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Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic – Providing The Freedom To Design

Building on Corning’s 160 years of innovation, Macor machinable glass ceramic is a solid, trusted foundation that can help you realize your designs quicker. Its unique combination of properties makes it an easily machinable, versatile, and high performing material even in harsh operating environments where precision is a necessity.

Macor reduces fabrication times and is tested to fit complex design requirements even within a short turnaround time as it remains stable at high temperatures and high pressure. Macor’s properties enable great design flexibility, which in turn translates into a high speed-to-market rate for new industrial products, with minimal additional investments. Macor is also clean, and exhibits zero porosity.

For over 30 years, Precision Ceramics has been the principal UK Distributor for Macor and has wide experience in all aspects of this unique material – its uses and its applications.

Over 200 distinctly shaped Macor parts can be found on America’s reusable Space Shuttle Orbiter; retaining rings of Macor are used at all hinge points, windows and doors. Large pieces of Macor have also been used in a NASA space-born gamma radiation detector.

On the ground, medical device manufacturers also appreciate Macor’s machinability and dimensional stability. The material is incorporated into precision devices, which helps medical professionals deliver quality and effective patient care.

Nearer To HomeMacor components engineered by Precision Ceramics.

On this side of the Atlantic and in one of our earliest projects, Precision Ceramics designed and developed several highly complex Macor components for British Aerospace’s Concorde engine management system. Here, the high use temperature, low thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulator properties guaranteed the reliability and high performance required or such a specialist application.

Macor was also the chosen material in a similar application for BA’s Tornado GR4 all-weather attack aircraft which is still deployed by several RAF Squadrons throughout the United Kingdom.

Having excellent physical properties, high dielectric strength and electrical resistivity, Macor is non-porous, non-shrinking and withstands high temperatures while providing tight tolerance capability. It can be easily machined into the most complex shapes with conventional metalworking tools enabling fast turnaround from design to delivery and has substantially lower costs when compared with other technical ceramics.

Macor machinable glass is the perfect material for both prototyping and large production runs …

  • Can be machined with normal metalworking tools
  • Strong and rigid; unlike high temperature plastics, Macor will not creep or deform
  • Low thermal conductivity; useful high temperature insulator
  • Electric insulator, especially at high temperatures
  • Excellent with high voltages and a broad spectrum of frequencies
  • Does not require firing after machining
  • Continuous use temperature of 800°C; Peak temperature of 1000°C
  • Zero porosity
  • Won’t outgas in vacuum environment
  • Very tight machining tolerances of up to 0.0005in (0.013mm).
  • Excellent dimensional stability in a variety of environments (heat, radiation, etc.)
  • Can have a surface finish of less than 20µin. (0.5µm)
  • Can be polished to a smoothness of 0.5µin
  • Radiation resistant
  • Can be thick or thin film metallized, brazed, epoxy and frit bonded
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion readily matches most metals and sealing glasses

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