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COVID-19 Update – 24.03.20







We are living in challenging times and whilst Precision Ceramics’ first thoughts are with our customers and suppliers as individuals, many who we have known for decades, we also know that a great number of our customers have key roles in the science required to defeat this disease and other critical industries.

Precision Ceramics will remain open and we will post a daily blog to keep everyone informed of our current status.

A company is only as good as its employees and here we have been fortunate with a dedicated and loyal workforce who are doing everything they can to keep production flowing. This said, we will see problems like everyone else as no one will remain untouched by this pandemic. To this end, we will publish a daily update to keep everyone informed of any changes in our circumstances.

We are keeping as many of our staff as possible separated to minimise risks. This, in the short term, may cause teething troubles so please bear with us. We will overcome these issues.

As we saw this pandemic evolve, we adjusted our stock levels so that we could remain in a position to support any requirements that you may have. If you have any concerns or needs, please talk to us so we can put your minds at ease.

This is the first of our updates. Please visit our website for the latest information which will be posted daily.

Stay safe.

Geoff Randle
Business Director

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