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COVID-19 Update – 27.03.20







We are finishing the first working week under these trying conditions. Not everything went perfectly, but for the most part we achieved what we needed to do and learnt important lessons.

I once went on a training course, where the people running the course let you plan to run a business, then changed the rules they gave you, removed members of staff and created shortages to see how you would cope. This week reminded me of that course. The only area the course did not pick up on was doing all that whilst society and family were also under duress. The course was a test, this is real, and I can only applaud as every level of the company shows flexibility in getting things done under massive stress.

As we watch the NHS in their more challenging role, we know their test will only get worse and their challenge harder over the following weeks. The applause they get is massively well deserved.

We can only hope to be as professional and continue to support them.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Stay Safe.

Geoff Randle
Business Director

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