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COVID-19 Update – 26.03.20







With all the negative news on the coronavirus spread it’s not easy to see the positives. This said, from a few recent contacts where people and companies are reacting to move the science of detection and the supply of respirators forward with a speed not seen in UK engineering in may decades, a glimmer of hope exists among the dark prognoses.

I share this with you; it’s not a solution and I fear we have a long road to travel, but talking with people full of energy and commitment to find a solution has lifted my spirits.

At Precision Ceramics we are working as a critical supplier to a number of companies. We are managing the daily challenges and doing what we can to support some truly brilliant initiatives and hope that, combined with our NHS, we can emerge from this current situation without the cost to life we all fear.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Stay safe.

Geoff Randle
Business Director

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