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COVID-19 Update – 25.03.20







After the first day and the initial confusion and clarification of where we are at this point in time, we are still operating and have minimised the risks to protect our staff.

To answer some of the questions we were asked yesterday, here is some feedback which may assist other companies and individuals.

Q:  Will we be delivering parts on time that are on order?

A:  Yes, in general everything is on time although we don’t have a crystal ball. Things may change but we will keep you updated.

Q:  Can parts be brought forward that are on order?

A:  We are judging this on a case-by-case basis as we are prioritising medical components and scientific instrument parts (to keep medical analysis systems running) and oxygen production systems. for this reason we have to retain some emergency capacity, but please contact us.

Q:  If I have an urgent requirement for an essential industry can this be expedited?

A:  We would need to know the end use of the parts to ensure the need complies but let us know at the time of enquiry on our web site or by phone and we can prioritise.

Q:  What are current lead times?

A:  This is difficult as essential industry parts are being inserted although we only had to prioritise two parts yesterday, We don’t know what will happen in the future. We have good stocks on hand across the vast majority of our materials and our supply chain is robust. We do not see material as an issue and general lead times are approximately 4 to 6 weeks on machined complex parts and 2 to 3 weeks on simple machined parts. Rods and bars are quicker. This information is correct at the time of writing but if you have a need please call the office.

Q:  Are you still shipping worldwide?

A:  We are a critical supplier to a number of commercial and government bodies, but we are not being restricted to UK supply only and are still delivering to satisfy urgent requirements around the globe.

We hope this helps. There will be a further post tomorrow. In the meantime, if you require any further information please feel free to contact me.

Stay safe.

Geoff Randle
Business Director

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