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COVID-19 Update – 17.06.20







We have blogged updates on the Covid-19 situation experienced by Precision Ceramics since the start of the pandemic, initially daily and then weekly to this point.
We are now looking to cease this, not because the pandemic is finished but as the non-critical shops and businesses re-open, people are aware that Precision Ceramics has been open throughout the lockdown period and will continue to be functioning, supporting those with critical needs.
We are looking at a situation where we have still to work to the constraints of social distancing and enhanced cleaning but we are hopefully seeing a move to a more stable way of working with numbers of infections and deaths reducing across the country.
Everyone has to be wary; this has not gone away and we don’t yet have a vaccine but we have to hope that the pain of the last months will not be wasted and will not have to be repeated. For now, we wish you all well. If you have read and found some connection with our blogs, we thank you, but from now on we will focus on more mundane ceramics matters and hope that we won’t have to resurrect blogs dedicated to Covid-19.
Stay safe.
Geoff Randle
Business Director

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