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COVID-19 Update – 14.05.20







As we start the slow unwind of some of the lockdown we are seeing many of the quiet motorways starting to thicken with traffic and the phones perceptively picking up in call volumes. We are still nowhere near the pre-Covid-19 norms but there is clearly a perceptive change in pace.

The worry that this brings a heightened risk to those vulnerable members of society and a a second wave of infections is always in the back of all our minds. We use hand sanitizers and give and expect space from colleagues whilst we develop work from home strategies and hold electronic meetings online. Life has changed and probably will not ever fully return to what it was.

We are still functioning. We adopted new work patterns weeks ago when we had to continue to support critical industries and we are now seeing companies returning to manufacturing, grappling with all the issues we faced and passing on the lessons we learned.

We have stocks of materials. The enhanced stockholding at the start of February when China rang alarms has paid dividends and we have tested our supply chains on tools and service equipment for which we thank our suppliers. The last 10 weeks has not been easy but with our colleagues we have managed to support those that needed assistance and have continued with the daily grind.

We always have room for more so anyone wanting to start a project, we can offer our normal assistance. We have worked through a number of crises in our 28 years but this has been the biggest test of all.

Above all, stay safe.
Geoff Randle
Business Director

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