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COVID-19 Update – 07.05.20







We are seeing new norms all over the country; social distancing, protecting the vulnerable and face masks. For me, welcoming colleagues back, not with a handshake but with temperature measurement and blood oxygen checking to ensure other colleagues are protected, is the new way of life.
As the government hints at easing aspects of lockdown and we move to the next step but with normality still a long way off, this year will remain in everyone’s memory, what did you do in lockdown? It will be like, where were you when the Berlin wall came down or when JFK was assassinated? – something instantly memorable.
At Precision Ceramics, we have to be thankful that everyone is safe and although this disease has impacted on people in our wider social circles, we have thankfully lost no one close to us.
We continue to operate with nearly full capability, we have good material stocks thanks to some excellent work by our partners and we can offer our full range of services for delivery worldwide.
We are seeing companies planning ahead for when the restrictions ease and it’s good to see confidence building. This said, when people start returning, we are expecting a surge of work so if you are looking at the next three months requirements, please be aware of this and don’t get caught at the back of the queue.
Above all, stay safe.
Geoff Randle
Business Director

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