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COVID-19 Update – 01.04.20







Last week when the initial shutdown occurred, we received a number of questions that we answered in our blog on Tuesday 25th March. Since then, we have received several new questions from companies and individuals ….

Q:  Planned visits to companies or by companies to Precision Ceramics for the foreseeable future. Are these happening?

A:   All meetings are either being held online or are cancelled to protect our staff. Emails have been sent but if individuals have not received these, please contact your host to confirm the plan for your meeting

Q:  Are Precision Ceramics extending their Easter shutdown. If so, how long will you be closed?

A:   Precision Ceramics are not working on the bank holidays – Good Friday (10th April) and Easter Monday (13th April). We are working as a ‘Critical Supplier’ on all other normal weekdays. If you need support please contact us. Phone calls and emails are being answered and the machine shop is running.

Q:  Do we have to collect our parts or are you delivering?

A:   As long as FedEx and our other key carriers continue to operate, we are delivering as normal. Should this change we will contact you.

Q:  Can we conference call to discuss a design/project from a numbers of home locations and share files?

A:   We use CISCO WebEx and can invite a number of participants from different locations and share drawing and documents visible to all the participants. If individuals wish to move projects forward, we can assist whilst they work from home.

Q:  Material supply from outside the UK. Can Precision Ceramics still deliver parts?

A:   We increased stocks as a contingency leading up to the lockdown and have good stock levels of most materials sufficient for approximately three months. For some special materials, it will depend if we see a run on a particular material. Please contact us for more detailed information.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Stay safe.

Geoff Randle
Business Director

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