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CeramAlloy Ultra Hard High Performance Alumina Toughened Ceramic

Precision Ceramics has introduced the very hardest ceramic composite available to further enhance the range of specialist technical ceramics being manufactured ‘in house’ in Birmingham.

A range of bespoke alumina-zirconia composite components engineered by Precision Ceramics

CeramAlloy Ultra Hard  is an ultra-high-performance alumina/zirconia composite, Hot isostatically pressed for very high mechanical properties and enhanced reliability and with an excellent balance between bending strength, hardness and fracture toughness.

Alumina-Zirconia (ZTA) ceramic composites are unique ceramic materials by way of exhibiting a combination of high hardness, strength, wear and corrosion resistance characteristics to their alumina component while still maintaining reasonably high fracture toughness specific to its zirconia component.

Precision Ceramics now offers a range of high-performance Alumina/Zirconia ceramic composite materials. Their very high hardness makes them particularly suitable where challenging mechanical wear is present.

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