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Ultra-Pure Shapal Hi-M Soft

Shapal Hi-M Soft – High performance, ultra-pureand easily machinable …

As one of Europe’s most trusted and long serving distributors, there are few organisations who know more about Shapal Hi-M Soft than Precision Ceramics. And so trusted is the company’s relationship with the Tokyo-based Tokuyama Corporation, the manufacturers of Shapal, that Precision Ceramics USA Inc have recently been given sole distributorship rights for the product throughout the whole of the USA

Shapal Hi-M Soft is a new hybrid composite material consisting of aluminium nitride and boron nitride, blended and sintered together to form a dense ceramic body. It has both high thermal conductivity and mechanical strength and can be easily machined into complex shapes while still keeping many of the advantages of aluminium nitride.

Regularly used by the European Space Agency and other industries taking advantage of its unique properties, Shapal Hi-M Soft also boasts a very low co-efficient of thermal expansion which makes the material particularly attractive for harsh environments.

Other advantages include …

  • Excellent Machinability –  Shapal Hi-M Soft can be machined by a broad range of methods such as drilling, turning, milling to A High Vacuum Application for Shapal Hi-M Softform high precision complex shapes
  • Excellent sealing ability to vacuum (Right)
  • High thermal conductivity – approximately ten times as much thermal conductivity as that of alumina (aluminium oxide)
  • High mechanical and bending strength of 30kg/mm², comparable to that of alumina
  • Transparency – allows allows visible to infrared light to pass through easily
  • Excellent electric insulation
  • Low thermal expansion, close to that of silicon
  • High ability heat resistance
  • Low dielectric loss
  • High corrosion resistance – non-wetted by molten metals
  • Ultra high purity – does not contaminate molten metal even at high temperatures

Potential and existing users of Shapal Hi-M Soft can now have quicker and more efficient access to technical information by clicking ‘Materials’ on the main drop down menu above. A downloadable data sheet providing further technical information is also available.

Shapal Hi-M Soft ComponentsTypical applications for Shapal Hi-M Soft include …

  • Electronic components where electrical insulation and heat dissipation are required
  • Components where low dielectric constant and dissipation factor are required
  • Fixture parts where a low coefficient of thermal expansion is required
  • Vacuum components
  • Heat sinks
  • Crucibles for vacuum deposition
  • Special refractory parts such as protective tubes

Above: The unique properties of Shapal Hi-M Soft allow even the most complex of components to be machined using ordinary metalworking tools.

In both new applications and in areas where technical ceramics are already being used, Precision Ceramics, with over 20 years knowledge and experience, has the necessary expertise and in-depth knowledge to quickly find the best way forward for any potential application from prototypes through to full-scale production of components. And once fully up and running, we can easily take the process one stage further by offering expert advice in the engineering of more demanding materials.

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