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Technical Ceramic Design

Technical Ceramic Design & Machining and beyond …

As you would expect from such a high-tech machining operation as that at Precision Ceramics Headquarters in Central Birmingham, UK, the traditional manufacturing processes of …

  • Milling – a cutting process that uses a milling cutter to remove material from the surface of a raw ceramic piece. The milling cutter is a rotary cutting tool, often with multiple cutting points. As opposed to drilling, where the tool is advanced along its rotation axis, the cutter in milling is usually moved perpendicular to its axis so that cutting occurs on the circumference of the cutter. As the milling cutter enters the piece, the cutting edges (flutes or teeth) of the tool repeatedly cut into and exit from the material, shaving off from the piece with each pass …
  • Turning – one of the most basic machining processes. The raw ceramic piece is rotated while a single point cutting tool is moved parallel to the axis of rotation. Turning can be achieved on the external surface of the part as well as internally (boring) …
  • Grinding – another of the most common machining operations. Grinding is a finishing process that uses a rotating abrasive wheel to smooth the flat surface of a raw ceramic materials to give them a more refined look or to attain a desired surface for a functional purpose.

… are standard everyday processes. The major difference at Precision Ceramics is that all these processes, along with cutting, drilling, tapping and threading, are all carried out in 4th and 5th axis machining centres which significantly increase the versatility of our manufacturing operation.

So much so that now, after detailed programming by our highly-experienced operators, a block of raw material can be loaded into one of our machines and half-an-hour later, a complex technical ceramic component can be complete and ready for final inspection.

The Precision Ceramics Shop Floor in BirminghamMachining most technical ceramics is a difficult task due to their incredible harness and high-brittleness. In order to consistency produce high-quality ceramic components at reasonable costs you must have the correct machining tools, in-depth material know-how and the very best knowledge of manufacturing design.

Precision Ceramics has over 20 years’ experience of developing high-quality technical ceramic parts and components for applications in an ever-widening field of applications. Our highly-experienced team of engineers and operators combined with our in-depth ceramic material knowledge and ultra-precise machining centres allow us offer the most advanced technical ceramic solutions for our customers at the most competitive prices.

Ultimate Flexibility

We can typically create the same ceramic product using a variety of different techniques, therefore giving our customers more choices to best match their needs.

Competitive Pricing

Precision Ceramics strives to be as efficient as possible so we can pass on the savings to our customers while maintaining the highest quality personnel and facilities.

High Quality Products

We have spent over 20 years developing our unique brand as an advanced technical ceramics solution provider and continue to invest in our company to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality advice, products and service.

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