Advanced Ceramic Open Both Ends Tubes


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Precision Ceramics has introduced a new and exciting range of advanced ceramic tubes and insulators ideally suitable for thermocouple protection in high temperature measurement applications.

The alumina-based tubes are used throughout many industries to aid monitoring the stability and performance of production processes especially those within hostile and aggressive chemical environments at temperatures up to 1,700°C. They are manufactured to DIN V ENV 12212 and are very strong, organically inert and well proven in a wide field of applications.

A comprehensive range of closed one end tubes and open both end tubes in various diameters and stock sizes is available for immediate despatch. All can be cut to length as required and both single and multi-bore tubes are available. Other sizes are available to special order.

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1.0mm / 0.5mm, 1.5mm / 0.8mm, 2.0mm / 1.0mm, 2.0mm / 1.2mm, 2.1mm / 1.5mm, 2.5mm / 1.5mm, 2.7mm / 1.7mm, 3.0mm / 2.1mm, 4.0mm / 2.0mm, 5.0mm / 3.0mm, 6.0mm / 4.0mm, 7.0mm / 2.0mm, 7.0mm / 4.0mm, 8.0mm / 5.0mm, 10.0mm / 2.0mm, 10.0mm / 6.0mm, 12.0mm / 8.0mm, 13.0mm / 3.0mm, 13.0mm / 6.0mm, 13.0mm / 9.0mm, 15.0mm / 6.0mm, 16.0mm / 10.0mm, 16.0mm / 12.0mm, 17.0mm / 8.0mm, 20.0mm / 9.0mm, 20.0mm / 15.0mm, 24.0mm / 18.0mm, 25.4mm / 17.5mm, 26.0mm / 20.0mm, 31.0mm / 25.0mm


174.0mm, 250.0mm, 300.0mm, 350.0mm, 400.0mm, 420.00mm, 500mm, 600mm, 1000.0mm, 1050.0mm, 1060.0mm