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2014 – Our Work In Focus

2014 – Our Work In Focus

A New Series of Blogs …

Precision Ceramics is a company dedicated to the engineering of technical ceramics. We specialise in the design, manufacture and machining of bespoke and advanced technical ceramic components for an ever-widening array of worldwide applications.

In this new website feature, nearly every other week throughout the year, we’ll be highlighting one particular aspect of the Precision Ceramics operation in blog form.

The markets we serve are wide and diverse; from aerospace and automotive through to electronics and nuclear power generation. All have two factors in common; the quality and reliability of the technical ceramic products we’ve developed for them.  And based on this knowledge – over 20 years of it in fact – our reputation as a solution  provider is also well charted and highly respected.

We’ll be featuring news of our products and services. We’ll be presenting new and interesting applications for our  wide range of technical ceramics. We’ll even be focusing on some of the key members of our highly specialised  team at Precision Ceramics HQ in Birmingham, UK.

As the year progresses, so too will the menu at the side of this page which will provide you with the quickest  possible one-click route to Our Work In Focus!

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